FFT — Disturb Roqe
NMBRS65 Limited Vinyl & Digital Out Now
Listen to Disturb Roqe

  1. Disturb Roqe 2  3:16
  2. Disturb Roqe 4  5:41  
  3. Disturb Roqe 5  8:04

Limited Vinyl with A4 Risograph Print
Bandcamp - Rubadub - Bleep 
Boomkat - Phonica - Norman

Written, produced and mixed by FFT
Out 3rd December 2021 - more information
NMBRS65 © Numbers

Design and video by Sensory Works
Photography and videos by George Cowan
Mastered by Ten Eight Seven

NMBRS65 — Limited Vinyl with A4 Risograph Print
  • Antistatic Bag with Fluorescent Sticker
  • Two Colour A4 Risograph Print on 150gsm Uncoated Paper
  • Hand-Printed at Risotto Studio, Glasgow
  • Design by Sensory Works, photography by George Cowan